Welcome to PunjabiDholak.com. Contact for Weddings, Reception Parties, Dance Parties,Birthday parties, Holi,Garbha, Diwali or any Indian, American function. Enjoy live punjabi songs, Punjabi Bolian, Lok geet with Live punjabi drum. Learn Punjabi Dance in One monthand many more..Find the Fun with Mohan ..!!!!

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(Live Show with Malkiat Sing Punjabi Pop Singer UK with live Dhole in D.A.R Hall DC Washington and some other pictures of events.

Punjabi Dhole for "Marriages", "Weddings reception", "Ladies Sangeet", "Barat","Mehndi Sagan" and all other cultural functions. Enjoy Punjabi Drum with Live Punjabi Folk songs /"Bolian" Lok Geet. Book your programme in advance.

Email: Jhand_mohan@yahoo.com Cell : 248-982-2036